Podcast Episode 16: Anger Treadmill (with Tristan)


Buckle up, ladies & gents, because it’s time for a new episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast!

This week, Brooke’s husband, Tristan, joins the gals to talk about all the drama that went on before and after proposing. This involves a worried mother, a jeweler obsessed with cigarettes and the size of his bride’s knuckles.

They also give solid advice about aggressive bridesmaids and weird RSVP demands…while planning a group trip to Glamour Shots!

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Podcast Episode 15: Saying No & Saying Yes


A fresh new episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast is out!

This week the gals chat about the time Brooke found a stranger in her backyard and how Pam isn’t really friends with other Pam’s. Oh yeah, and they talk shit about weddings – including an outspoken bridesmaid, proposing at a reception, and an article titled “Honestly, Fuck Your Wedding.”

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Podcast Episode 9: Hot Plates & A Crock Pot (with Brianna Webster)


This week Brooke & Pam gab with Brianna Webster, owner of the catering company Geschenk Fare – and we do not hold back!

Bri tells us all about being a bridesmaid for a woman she barely knew, hiring shirtless bartenders who bring their own boomboxes, and what it was like to cater Pam’s wedding!

We also answer tough questions about brides walking down the aisle alone…and what to do if someone in a wedding catches on fire.

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Podcast Episode 5: Diplo & Idaho (with Brian Maillard)


A new episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast is up! In this week’s show, guest Brian Maillard hates on Diplo, Pam expresses her love for Excel spreadsheets and Brooke explains why Donald Duck has PTSD. We also talk about wedding stuff, like how to propose to a drunk girl and paranoid DJs.

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Is it Cool to Ask for Cold Hard CA$H?

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Survey!  Every Wednesday the Wedding Confessionals Crew tackles one wedding related hot topic and reveal all of our different takes on the subject.   Get ready, y’all.  This group’s got some STRONG OPINIONS!


Weddings can be expensive.  And though it’s expected that we get some sort of fancy china or kitchen appliance as a wedding gift, sometimes all the happy couple wants is CA$H MONEY!  

Is it ok to specify in your wedding invitation that you prefer money instead of gifts?

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