Podcast Episode 11: Hand-Knit Dresses & Pre-Planned Hangovers (with Linda Daniels)


Pam’s mother-in-law, Linda Daniels, joins the gals for a new episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast! But don’t think because we have an in-law on that this show is gonna be tame! Linda is here to gossip and tell hilarious stories – like her drunken wedding weekend, which included an all night rager and someone ending up in jail!

Y’all wanna hear the whole story? No problemo! All our podcast episodes are available on Apple Podcast, GooglePlay, Podbean & Stitcher Radio.

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Podcast Episode 7: Should I Marry Kocoum? (with Noelle Berry)


We got a fresh new Wedding Confessionals Podcast for ya!

In this episode our guest, Noelle Berry, shares what it was like to be the child of a preacher who had to spend every Saturday at weddings. We also dive into how she dealt with planning her own wedding while grieving the loss of a loved one.

And we chat about cruise ship ceremonies, penis-themed bachelorette parties and what Disney songs should NOT be played while walking down the aisle.

Wanna take a listen? You can find all our episodes on iTunes, Google Play and Podbean.

Go ch-ch-check it out!

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Do I Go On A Honeymoon I Hate?



Ladies and Gent! I’m getting married in July and overall I feel like I’ve been a pretty reasonable bride. I’m not stressed, yet, and feel as of now everything seems to be under control for the big day. Where I need some advice from you is after the wedding…the honeymoon. My husband and I are both young and chill and would like to spend a few days in Hawaii laying on the beach, but my parents have other ideas, as in insisting we take a cruise. We’ve politely tried to explain that’s not really us, and just short of us saying WE DON’T WANT IT, but they won’t hear any of it, because they think we’ll change our mind and love it once we’re there. Oh, did I mention they insist on paying for this cruise that we don’t want? I don’t want hurt feelings or fights before my wedding, but I also don’t want to be bullied into my own honeymoon. HELP please on how to navigate this delicate situation??!!

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