Tell Us Your Secret!



You’ve been silent long enough!
Time to share the wedding stories
you aren’t supposed to tell!

Are you an overwhelmed bride ready to strangle your future mother-in-law who’s mastered the art of being passive aggressive? Tell us all about it! Are you a groom who doesn’t know how to navigate cutting people from the invite list? We can help!

Are you a bridesmaid dealing with a maid of honor who’s demanding and picky, and now you long for the day this wedding is done so you never have to see her again? We are here for you. Tell us everything.

Is your entire day spent dealing with ridiculous demands?  Do you grit your teeth and smile every time they ask for “just one more thing” for free? Share your crazy stories with us!

Do you sit next to a girl at work who will NOT SHUT UP about her wedding?  She’s the worst, but it’s not like you can shout over your cubicle that no one cares about what bouquet her DOG will carry down the aisle. We understand and want to hear every detail…because we’re totally entertained by the hell you go through every day having to deal with this woman.

Don’t hold back! Tell us your stories! We promise to keep them anonymous, to protect the innocent and the annoyed. Your secret’s safe with us!

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