The only thing we love more than weddings
is talking shit about weddings!

Welcome to the Wedding Confessionals Podcast!

One of the complicated parts about being involved with a wedding is not being able to speak up when things are going crazy.  Your friend turns into a bridezilla, and you have to remain calm and sweet.  Your future mother-in-law designs a tacky flower arrangement, and you have to lie and say it looks great! We’ve all been there!

But now there’s the Wedding Confessionals Podcast – a place to rant, complain and get advice from people who let you share your true feelings about your wedding planning stress!

In each episode Pam & Brooke chat with a guest about their own wedding experiences. Then they all dive into confessionals and advice sent in by listeners.  Our mix of helpful and hilarious will keep everyone laughing and sane during the nutty experience of getting a couple down the aisle.


The Wedding Confessionals Podcast can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Stitcher Radio, Player FM and more!