Welcome to the Wedding Confessionals Podcast!

A complicated and very common part about wedding planning is not being able to speak up when things are going crazy.

Like when your future mother-in-law insists on designing your invitations, and you have no choice but to lie and say, “What a great idea!” It’s not a great idea.

Or watching as a friend slowly turns into a bridezilla, and you have to remain calm and sweet for months knowing it will end with her shoving you into a dress you hate.

That’s why there’s the Wedding Confessionals Podcast! It’s a place to anonymously rant, ask for advice, and finally share your true feelings about wedding-related stress – while not sharing names to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

In each episode, hosts Pam & Brooke invite a guest on to chat about their own crazy, intense and ridiculous wedding experiences. Then they share anonymous confessions sent in by listeners, and give level-headed and funny advice and insight to help ease the tension that comes with planning for the big day.

Whether you’re getting married in a courthouse or a castle, our mix of helpful and hilarious will keep everyone laughing and sane during the nutty experience of getting a couple down the aisle.


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The only thing we love more than weddings
is talking shit about weddings!