Podcast Episode 12: Girl, You Better Be Present Right Now (with Lauren Lillie)


Brooke & Pam quiz guest Lauren Lillie about her romantic proposal in France (which she unknowingly almost ruined) and what it’s like to have a long engagement.

The gals also dive into confessionals that lead to conversations about brides having multiple wedding dresses and the armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias.

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Podcast Episode 11: Hand-Knit Dresses & Pre-Planned Hangovers (with Linda Daniels)


Pam’s mother-in-law, Linda Daniels, joins the gals for a new episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast! But don’t think because we have an in-law on that this show is gonna be tame! Linda is here to gossip and tell hilarious stories – like her drunken wedding weekend, which included an all night rager and someone ending up in jail!

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Podcast Episode 8: Rolling Deep & Late Arrivals (with Jessie Sims)


In this week’s brand new episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast, guest Jessie Sims joins Pam and Brooke to have an early morning pajama party and talk sh*t about weddings!

They chat about old bridesmaids dresses, what to do about friends who don’t make the invite list, and how to remain cool if you show up super late to a wedding.

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Podcast Episode 7: Should I Marry Kocoum? (with Noelle Berry)


We got a fresh new Wedding Confessionals Podcast for ya!

In this episode our guest, Noelle Berry, shares what it was like to be the child of a preacher who had to spend every Saturday at weddings. We also dive into how she dealt with planning her own wedding while grieving the loss of a loved one.

And we chat about cruise ship ceremonies, penis-themed bachelorette parties and what Disney songs should NOT be played while walking down the aisle.

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Hero Fiancé Destroys Family Heirloom



After getting engaged, my future in-laws had us over for dinner.  After having a wonderful dinner and a few glasses of wine, my future mother-in-law shouted, “Oh! I almost forgot!” before running out of the room.  She returned with a large bag, which she proudly handed to me.  “Since I never had a daughter, it’s all yours!”  Then, while everyone watched, I pulled out a huge, long, tattered, old veil.

She then told me it was her grandmother’s, and that three generations have worn it, and she would be honored to have me carry on the tradition.

The fact that this thing was hideous and not even remotely my taste wasn’t even the worst part.  It was the smell.  This veil had clearly been worn to many weddings but never washed.  It was so gross.  I mean I was excited to get to know my fiance’s family better, but I didn’t need to share sweat marks with his ancestors. Barf.

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Wendy & The Mysterious Ex-Girlfriend



From:  Bewildered in Baltimore

My best friend Bridget made me her maid of honor and her future sister-in-law Wendy her bridesmaid.  All Bridget knew about Wendy, who she had met twice at family functions, was that she was emotional and totally crazy.  But since she lives far away, Bridget was fine dealing with her in the wedding thinking the distance would be enough to keep the crazy tamed.  Wrong.  I can’t go into ALL the details about what Wendy did because I would be writing forever, but here’s what she did to me.  

At the engagement party Bridget pulled me aside to tell me that Wendy is insisting that I not be a part of the bridal party.  Why?  Because I look just like Wendy’s boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.  I thought she was joking and started laughing…until I looked across the room at Wendy GLARING at me. Continue reading