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We’re Pam & Brooke, and the only thing we love more than weddings…is talking sh*t about weddings!


After hearing so many other confessionals, we think it’s only fair to share the good, bad and funny from our own weddings!



Best Part About My Wedding:
This sounds like such a cheesy answer, but being surrounded by the people you love is so empowering. The energy is very intoxicating. Well, that and my dog, Marlon being so good as the ring bearer. Oh AND the cupcakes were really good too!! But if I only had to pick one thing, it was seeing everyone having the best night right along with us!

Worst Part About My Wedding:
Although the intentions were good, Cupid’s Arrow turned out to be a bit of a disaster. What is Cupid’s Arrow you ask? Well, it was a pinata that my fiance made from scratch for our wedding. Sweet, right? Pinatas are a family tradition for him, usually for Christmas Eve, but he thought it would be fun to incorporate it into our reception. Now imagine what Cupid’s Arrow looked like…small and human-like, with a wig for hair and a bow and arrow in its arms. Unique for sure, but it’s suppose to be fun. Cut to the reception, where it was now time for Cupid’s Arrow! Guests were a little confused about seeing a pinata at a reception, but a few people were game to play. It only took a couple of swings, not for it to break open, but for the wig to fall off! So, now bald Cupid’s Arrow looks a little like a baby…getting hit…with a bat! OMG!! It definitely was NOT the image we were going for, but luckily our friends and family understood it was just a plan that hadn’t gone quite as expected. RIP Cupid’s Arrow!

Best Wedding Dance Floor Moment:
In our pre-meeting with our DJ, my fiance and I were discussing song choices. You know, all the do’s and don’ts and the REALLY don’ts (I’m talking to you Chicken Dance!). Well, he tells our DJ that he has a must play song and it’s “Baby Got Back” by Sir-Mix-A-Lot, because that’s the song that made him fall in love with me. It’s true, I might be a slight fan of that song and when it comes on I also might be prone to singing every word at the top of my lungs. As instructed, while the reception is in full force, the DJ hands me the mic, turns up the volume and we all jam out to that kick-ass song! True love!!

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Best Part About My Wedding:
I know I’m supposed to answer this with something heartfelt, like “spending time with my family and friends.” But if I’m being completely honest, it was the armadillo cake. Here’s the deal: growing up in the South I saw the movie Steel Magnolias more times than I can count. And the scene where they serve the groom’s cake – which is a red velvet cake in the shape of an armadillo – is hilarious and iconic. (If you’ve never seen it, click here to watch!) I was always fascinated by that cake – it was gross and weird, but really funny. And who doesn’t like red velvet?! So when it came time to plan my wedding, I didn’t give a crap about the wedding cake, I just wanted that damn armadillo cake. My then-fiancé thought I was crazy, so I convinced him that armadillo groom’s cakes were a “Southern Tradition.” (They’re not. I’ve literally only seen it in this one movie.) So we compromised, and my weird armadillo cake was served at the rehearsal dinner, where my fiancé thought less people would be “traumatized by this expensive, custom made nightmare.” That plan turned out for the best, because that beautiful beast of a cake was the sole dessert for the night! It was presented to the crowd by a few of my friends reenacting that cake scene from Steel Magnolias while cutting into what is famously known as “a good piece of ass.”

Worst Part About My Wedding:
In my effort to make a grand bridal entrance and be the last to arrive at the wedding ceremony, I insisted that everyone leave our B&B before me. Only my brother, who was supposed to walk me down the aisle, stayed behind to drive me over. We had a lovely 20 minutes where we sat and talked, bonding over this momentous occasion in my life. Okay none of that is true. We spent the whole time just watching college football and drinking cheap champagne. But it was really nice because we love college football and…well, no one loves cheap champagne, but it was there and we had a lovely time – until it was time to leave. It was then that we figured out that my fiance had left us a car to drive, but had accidentally taken the keys with him. So I went from being relaxed and perfectly on time to frantically sweating, sprinting to the ceremony 45 minutes late. On top of that, my fiance, ashamed of his mistake, told no one what was happening, except for the two friends he sent to fetch me. So now my family and friends are starting to worry that I am in a car accident, or have gotten cold feet. When I finally arrived, everyone was so relieved to see me alive, unharmed and willing to walk down the aisle. So I guess it was kind of a grand bridal entrance after all.

Best Wedding Dance Floor Moment:
One of my favorite pop songs of all time is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” To me, it’s not just a tune for the holiday season, it’s a jam you blast in the car in July! So even though I was getting married over Labor Day weekend, I told the DJ that this song must play at the reception. When those opening little bells started pinging, I rushed to the dance floor, and to my surprise, so did everyone else! Turns out I wasn’t the only one who liked to rock out to Mariah’s Christmas jam in the summer. Folks were dancing, clapping and everyone knew every damn word! One of the best moments of the whole wedding weekend was standing barefoot on the dancefloor, in my wedding gown listening to all of my friends and family struggling to hit the final high note at the end of the song. I get to think of that happy memory every time that song plays on the radio…so basically every twenty minutes between October and January.

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