About Us

We’re Pam & Brooke, and the only thing we love more than weddings…is talking sh*t about weddings!  We created this website and host the Wedding Confessionals Podcast.

Willing to give my opinion when necessary…or really any time.  Made sure everyone had a drink before my wedding began.
Twitter: @mrs_pamdaniels
Instagram: @mrspamdaniels

Born to give out unsolicited advice and gossip about strangers.  Will always participate in a reception hall dance battle. Obsessed with my dog’s Instagram account: @ruthbaderginsbarkla

These are our friends who you’ll find chatting at the end of every confessional, doling out advice and giving ALL of our opinions about anything and everything regarding the big day.

Will politely eat your wedding cake while knowing my wedding pies were better.  Bought my wedding dress two years before getting engaged.  Clearly, I like to play it cool. Come to me for advice.
Official Website: jeneldridge.com
Twitter: @eldridge_jen
Instagram: @lahokie

Lauren Elliott is a round the way girl! Her sassy ass nurturing demeanor is what she’s known best for. She only knows how to keep it real, so no funny stuff. She has never been apart of a bridal party and plans to keep it that way.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Instagram: @finereddfoxx

Loves attending weddings and weddings love when he attends. Considers getting his husband to tear up during their wedding ceremony one of his greatest accomplishments. Sometimes confuses his opinions for given fact.
Twitter: @thepaulcaiola


Erika may not know much about “wedding planning” or “bridal gowns” or “sobriety” but if you include her in your special day, she WILL drink a bottle of wine and dance with that second cousin nobody likes, thereby allowing your family to exclude him from photos. You’re welcome!