Podcast Episode 25: Matching Suits & JV Squads (with Adam Michael Rose)


Guest from Episode 3, Adam Michael Rose, is back to give Pam & Brooke a wedding planning update! They discuss the stress of finding the right food for the reception – including the ongoing hot topic: food trucks! And Adam admits he’s still struggling with cutting people from the invite list.

They also help a groom feel confidnet in his suit choices and dive into a confessional written DURING a wedding day crisis!

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Podcast Episode 9: Hot Plates & A Crock Pot (with Brianna Webster)


This week Brooke & Pam gab with Brianna Webster, owner of the catering company Geschenk Fare – and we do not hold back!

Bri tells us all about being a bridesmaid for a woman she barely knew, hiring shirtless bartenders who bring their own boomboxes, and what it was like to cater Pam’s wedding!

We also answer tough questions about brides walking down the aisle alone…and what to do if someone in a wedding catches on fire.

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