Podcast Episode 14: I Want To Float Like A Ghost (with Brittany Welsh)


Guest Brittany Welsh joins Brooke and Pam to discuss bridal gown mishaps, the pros and cons of getting married in an unconventional space, and when to go on a honeymoon.

They also confirm something that EVERYONE should know: DON’T call a bride on her wedding day!

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Wedding Confessionals Podcast: Ep 1


Episode 1 of our podcast is here!  Special Guest Kristin Lapari joins Pam & Brooke to chat about non-Saturday weddings and how to wrangle well meaning dude bros.
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Coming Soon!

Though it looks like the Wedding Confessionals crew has been MIA and slacking off for the last few months, we’ve actually been hard at work.  And we are so happy to announce that we are days away from launching the Wedding Confessionals Podcast!


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Should You See Your Bride or Groom Before the Wedding?

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Survey!  Every Wednesday the Wedding Confessionals Crew tackles one wedding related hot topic and reveal all of our different takes on the subject.  Get ready, y’all.  This group’s got some STRONG OPINIONS!

Photo by Samantha Clark Photography

Should you see your bride/groom the day of the wedding before the ceremony?  Is it good to keep traditions, or is it too old fashion and not practical these days?

Erika: I think not seeing each other the day-of is a sweet, romantic tradition and, lets face it, it’s also probably a good idea to avoid the other most stressed out person in the building on the day of the ceremony.

Brooke: I’m FASCINATED by anyone who can pull this off.  There’s so much coordination, communication and chaos on the day of a wedding, that you pretty much NEED to be linked to your bride/groom-to-be hours before the ceremony.  I think that this tradition only works if one of two things is going on.  A) One of the people involved is totally checked out and not involved in the actual planning of the day, like a very old school straight dude who can’t be bothered with “all this girly stuff.”  (BTW, I kinda hate that dude.)  Or B) The couple REALLY wants this tradition to stay alive, and are on their phones the whole day in order to stay in sync with each other.  In the end, I think it’s kinda romantic and sweet for those who try to do this, but I also think couples don’t need to force this to happen if they don’t want.

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Sparklers: Romantic or Safety Hazard?



I insisted that my sister have sparklers for the end of her wedding reception when her and the groom run to their limo.  I had them at my wedding, and the photos looked so cool!  She wasn’t too jazzed about the idea – she’s kind of scared of fireworks and doesn’t even light candles in her own home.  But I told her I’d pay for them, and she could thank me later when she also had great pics.  But then at the end of her wedding, they are dashing out to the limo…and one of the sparks hits her in the eye!  A trip to the ER and a lot of money later, my sister has some great pictures…of her wearing an eye patch on her honeymoon.  Her vision ended up being fine, but our relationship…not so much. Continue reading “Sparklers: Romantic or Safety Hazard?”

Smile for the Camera!



My uncle has a side business of being a wedding photographer on the weekends.  During the busier summer seasons, he works larger weddings and picks up a second person to help with getting all the shots he needs for these more demanding, expensive clients.

Years ago, I was in between semesters in college, and I got the gig to be his assistant.  The cash was good, and as a naturally tech savvy guy, I was pretty comfortable using his digital cameras, even though they were a pretty new thing to most people.

It was a blur of a summer. Just a flood of white dresses, boring speeches and awkward dancing.  But one wedding I will never forget.  From the moment we showed up to snap pics of the bride getting ready, she was really rude to my uncle and me.  We weren’t her first choice for the photographer gig, and she let us know it.  I guess her mom had chosen us and was paying for it as a gift.  But my uncle, being a total pro, just rolled with it and told me to try my best to stay quiet and out of the way. Continue reading “Smile for the Camera!”

Hero Fiancé Destroys Family Heirloom



After getting engaged, my future in-laws had us over for dinner.  After having a wonderful dinner and a few glasses of wine, my future mother-in-law shouted, “Oh! I almost forgot!” before running out of the room.  She returned with a large bag, which she proudly handed to me.  “Since I never had a daughter, it’s all yours!”  Then, while everyone watched, I pulled out a huge, long, tattered, old veil.

She then told me it was her grandmother’s, and that three generations have worn it, and she would be honored to have me carry on the tradition.

The fact that this thing was hideous and not even remotely my taste wasn’t even the worst part.  It was the smell.  This veil had clearly been worn to many weddings but never washed.  It was so gross.  I mean I was excited to get to know my fiance’s family better, but I didn’t need to share sweat marks with his ancestors. Barf.

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