Episode 130: Custom Cat Clothes & Disney Bouquets (with Ruchi Sabat – Part 1)

Pam and Brooke are joined by wedding planner and recent bride, Ruchi Sabat, who tells them all about the ups and down of being a Covid-era bride trying to plan a her Indian American style wedding. 

Topics include: having a very clever proposal, taking an international trip to go on a wedding shopping extravaganza, and a week worth of amazing celebrations leading up to her big day!

If you like partying or buying cool stuff, this episode if for you!

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Ways to contact Ruchi Sabat from Three Wishes Planning


Instagram: @threewishesplanning



Watermelon Paloma: A sweet blended treat, perfect for summer! From 

Fire Island: A new romcom set on the gay vacation town of Fire Island, and based on Pride and Prejudice. Streaming on Hulu.

Sometimes: A fun, synth cover of Britney Spears’ pop classic, performed by MUNA.


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