Episode 134: Coconut Drinks & Vegas Weddings (with Kennedy Bingham – Part 1)

Pam and Brooke are joined by bridal gown expert and influencer Kennedy Bingham – aka: @gowneyedgirl!

The gals chat about Kennedy’s history with weddings, how she got into bridal styling, and when that pivoted into becoming @gowneyedgirl.

They also talked about Kennedy’s recent Vegas wedding!

If you like Las Vegas or wedding gowns, this episode is for you! 


You can find Kennedy on… 

TikTok: @gowneyedgirl

Instagram: @gowneyedgirl

More info here:


Dark & Stormy: Classic rum cocktail, perfect for summer! 

Red Sangria: Cool wine drink with tons of fruit! Brooke loves the version by Minimalist Baker. 

Loot: New comedy, starring Maya Rudolph. Streaming on Apple TV.


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