Episode 132: Petty Seating Charts & Coordinating with Coordinators (with Ruchi Sabat – Part 3)

Our convo with Ruchi Sabat continues. And now we’re diving into confessionals! 

Topics include coordinating with your wedding coordinator, stress managing time lines and making petty seating charts.

If you like scheduling phone calls or putting your frenemy at the table in the back, this episode is for you!

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Ways to contact Ruchi Sabat from Three Wishes Planning


Instagram: @threewishesplanning



We are now looking to have a listener come on the podcast as a guest! If you have some crazy wedding stories you wanna tell, and think you’d give good advice, email us a bit about you, your wedding, and why we should have you on the show.

Send your email to:

Make sure to write in the Subject line “I WANNA BE A GUEST!”

We will accept emails until July 31st, 2022.


Beach House Cosmos: A fun twist on the standard cocktail, created by Recipe Girl. 

The Cat In Stacks: A book series about a librarian and cat that solve mysteries. Written by Miranda James.

Planet Money: NPR Podcast that dives into all the weird ways money makes the world go round. 


Have a bonkers wedding planning story to share? Need some wedding related advice from a bunch of know-it-alls?  There are three easy ways to contact us!

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