Episode 78: Disney Princess Wedding (with Lauren Lillie – Part 1)


Lauren Lillie is back and she has updates about her wedding planning!

Topics include: how Disney movies shaped her wedding expectations, cross country bridal gown drama, and never watching Say Yes To The Dress…but visiting Kleinfelds anyways! Oh, and we talked about cannibalism and taking dogs to hospitals.

If you like princess dresses or puppies, you’ll love this episode!

Stay tuned for Episode 79 to hear Part 2 of our night with Lauren, including listeners submitted confessionals!

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Show Notes:
Lauren was also in Episode 12: Girl, You Better Be Present Right Now!

The movie about cannibalism that Lauren saw is called Raw.

Bridal Break:
Spiced Orange & Rosemary Bourbon: A yummy fall cocktail from Waiting On Martha (Suggested by Pam)

Anne with an E: Canadian series about the Anne of Green Gables book series. Season 2 is out now on Netflix! (Suggested by Brooke)

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