Podcast Episode 33: BB-8 & Golfing Debates (with Miguel Camnitzer – Part 2)


Our fun night with Miguel Camnitzer continues!

In Part 2, the gals and their guest dive into listeners’ confessionals and questions! They debate about how to deal with being bridesmaid snubbed, settle a bet between a bride and groom, and all agree that BB-8 from Star Wars would make a really cute ring bearer.

Ways To Listen:
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Bridal Breaks:
@fluffsociety: Twitter account that is total cute porn. Specifically, this video of a squirrel burying a nut in a dog’s fur is too damn adorable! (Miguel)

You Must Remember This: A podcast about the history of Old Hollywood hosted by Karina Longworth (Brooke)

Melted Witches Martini: Festive cocktail from 3 Yummy Tummies

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