How Do I Get My Bridesmaid to Shave Her Hairy Armpits?!


Hey Wedding Confessionals Gang!

My wedding is a few months away, and most of the big details have already been finalized – including the bridesmaids dresses.  They’re going to be a blue, strapless, with a sweetheart neckline.  It’s a dress that looks great on everyone, and (from what they’ve told me) all of my bridesmaids are happy.

So what’s the problem?  My sister.  She is one of my bridesmaids.  She also has recently returned from volunteering abroad and has changed a few of her lifestyles while she was away.  She’s now vegan (fine), only wears mineral based make up (whatever, I don’t care) and stopped shaving her armpits (gross). Continue reading

#FBF: The Day Pippa’s Sister Got Married

Every Friday, someone from the the Wedding Confessionals crew flashes back to a memorable nuptials-related moment in either pop culture or their personal lives.  Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s weird, but it’s always hilarious. Welcome to #FBF.


April 29th, 2011
The day we all tuned in to watch Kate Middleton get upstaged by her sister’s bum.  Kate looked amazing, but Pippa stole the show with her perfectly cut bridesmaid dress.  Rather than bow down, we will be squatting in honor of you, Pippa!

– Brooke Continue reading

That’s My Burrito!


I  was a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding.  The day of the wedding, the bride and all 8 bridesmaids got ready in a room down the hall from the atrium where they were to get married.   As per usual, everyone was running late and we realized no one had time to pick up food because everyone was in some sort of state of hair/makeup/spraytan/spanx prep.  So we ordered a bunch of burritos to be delivered to the venue.

When the burritos arrived, we realized that we didn’t want them in the room because it was filled with hair spray and spray tan.  (Somehow we were cool breathing that, but not eating it.  Wedding day hazes, they do wonders!)  The burrito guy was nice enough to set up the burritos in a nice little row on a table in the hallway.

About 30 minutes later, I snuck out into the hallway, and saw some random dude eating one of the burritos while rummaging through our chips.  RUDE!

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Question: Is Taylor Swift a Shitty Maid of Honor?

From Brooke:

A few weeks back a girl named Britany Maak got married.  The ceremony took place in Reading, Pennsylvania, the bride wore a lace gown, and one more minor detail…her Maid Of Honor was TAYLOR SWIFT!

the best friend, the best family, the best groom and the best day ❤️

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Taylor sang at the reception, posed for photos with the bridal party and was an overall delight for her pal’s big day.  But Taylor did one thing that some of us may find a little off putting.  Continue reading

Wendy & The Mysterious Ex-Girlfriend



From:  Bewildered in Baltimore

My best friend Bridget made me her maid of honor and her future sister-in-law Wendy her bridesmaid.  All Bridget knew about Wendy, who she had met twice at family functions, was that she was emotional and totally crazy.  But since she lives far away, Bridget was fine dealing with her in the wedding thinking the distance would be enough to keep the crazy tamed.  Wrong.  I can’t go into ALL the details about what Wendy did because I would be writing forever, but here’s what she did to me.  

At the engagement party Bridget pulled me aside to tell me that Wendy is insisting that I not be a part of the bridal party.  Why?  Because I look just like Wendy’s boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.  I thought she was joking and started laughing…until I looked across the room at Wendy GLARING at me. Continue reading