Podcast Episode 21: Nightmare Weddings & Middleton Sisters

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Pam & Brooke are in the middle of their summer break!  But they still made time to record an episode of them taking silly online wedding quizes.  They also figure out that Brooke thinks no matter how fast your marriage ends, you get to keep all the presents!

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Podcast Episode 10: Would You Call Off The Wedding?


Another episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast is now available! This week is a weird one! Pam was sick, so we canceled our guest, but still recorded an episode.

While Pam tried to keep her lunch down – and Brooke kept her distance from Patient Zero – the two gals took a BuzzFeed survey about what it would take to call off a wedding. Listen along and take the survey with the gals to find out if you would still walk down the aisle after learning your partner made out with a stranger, wore a wacky costume or got a sexy text from an ex!

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