Podcast Episode 26: The Best Man & The Bad Speech (with Jeffrey R. Daniels)

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Buckle up, gals and guys – this episode is a wild ride through the world of weddings!  TV director – and more importantly, Pam’s husband!! – Jeffrey R. Daniels finally makes an appearance as a guest on the podcast!!!

The gals thought they were going to grill him on how he prepared for his wedding proposal to Pam, but instead got engrossed by Jeff’s hilarious story about his best man speech that ended up being a total trainwreck. They also discuss the time Brooke inadvertently crashed a wedding reception and Pam’s current situation – accidentally getting invited to a celebrity wedding!

Jeff and the gals also read listeners’ confessionals about smelly reception halls, the difficulties in getting stuck with unenthusiastic bridesmaids, and the danger in smushing wedding cake on an unsuspecting new bride.

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Tuxedoed Dog: Best or Worst Wedding Crasher?



I just came from a wedding where the Mother of the Groom refused to come to the ceremony because they wouldn’t let her dog be in the wedding.  Actually, that’s not true.  The bride and groom agreed that it would be fine – and kinda cute – if the dog was the ring bearer or at least walked down the aisle with the ring bearer.  But that wasn’t enough for this Mother of the Groom.

She wanted the dog to be…wait for it…the Best Man in the wedding.  She said, “Since you don’t have any brothers, I think the only one who could be your Best Man is Patches.” Granted, the dog had been in the family for over a decade, but it was…ya know…a dog! Plus, the Groom had already asked his friend / roommate from college to be his Best Man, and didn’t think it was nice – or sane! – to tell him he’s being replaced by a dog.

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