Can I Write the Bride’s Thank You Cards for Her?


Dear Wedding Confessionals,
My younger sister is getting married.  I’m her Maid Of Honor, which I take very seriously.  In helping her plan her wedding, I’ve tried to give advice because I’m much more organized and practical than she ever will be.  I was hoping some of my planning skills would rub off on her, but so far I’m getting nowhere.

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How Do I Get My Bridesmaid to Shave Her Hairy Armpits?!


Hey Wedding Confessionals Gang!

My wedding is a few months away, and most of the big details have already been finalized – including the bridesmaids dresses.  They’re going to be a blue, strapless, with a sweetheart neckline.  It’s a dress that looks great on everyone, and (from what they’ve told me) all of my bridesmaids are happy.

So what’s the problem?  My sister.  She is one of my bridesmaids.  She also has recently returned from volunteering abroad and has changed a few of her lifestyles while she was away.  She’s now vegan (fine), only wears mineral based make up (whatever, I don’t care) and stopped shaving her armpits (gross). Continue reading “How Do I Get My Bridesmaid to Shave Her Hairy Armpits?!”

When You’re the Last One to Get Married, Does Anyone Care?

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Dear Wedding Confessionals:

I have been blessed to be surrounded by many smart, nice, generous, beautiful girlfriends. We have been through thick and thin together, and one by one they have all found their husbands. I tallied up that I have been in 9 weddings, 2 of which I was the MOH.  I’ve co-hosted and/or thrown all on my own just as many engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties and smiled through countless hours of bridezilla freak outs. All of which I was so happy to do and never thought to count all that up, until now. I’m the last one of the group to get engaged and no one seems to care. My question is, how do I get all my girlfriends excited for my wedding, now that theirs are over?

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Do I Invite Her Estranged Sister to the Surprise Proposal?


Dear Wedding Confessionals –

I’m so glad you’re here, because I really need some advice!

My best friend is about to get engaged, although she doesn’t know it yet! Her guy of a year wants to do a surprise proposal. He has asked me to help bring her friends and family together while he manages inviting his people, so that everyone they love will be there to share the big news with them.

Here’s where I need your help…her sister. My best friend and her sister don’t get along. I’m talking black sheep, they haven’t talked in over a year, and the last time they did talk things got nasty. (For the record I’m totally on my bff’s side when it comes to her sister). Continue reading “Do I Invite Her Estranged Sister to the Surprise Proposal?”

Do I Go On A Honeymoon I Hate?



Ladies and Gent! I’m getting married in July and overall I feel like I’ve been a pretty reasonable bride. I’m not stressed, yet, and feel as of now everything seems to be under control for the big day. Where I need some advice from you is after the wedding…the honeymoon. My husband and I are both young and chill and would like to spend a few days in Hawaii laying on the beach, but my parents have other ideas, as in insisting we take a cruise. We’ve politely tried to explain that’s not really us, and just short of us saying WE DON’T WANT IT, but they won’t hear any of it, because they think we’ll change our mind and love it once we’re there. Oh, did I mention they insist on paying for this cruise that we don’t want? I don’t want hurt feelings or fights before my wedding, but I also don’t want to be bullied into my own honeymoon. HELP please on how to navigate this delicate situation??!!

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Wedding Speech Dilemma: To Roast or to Toast?



My brother is getting married this summer.  Originally, I was told I would be giving a speech at the rehearsal dinner, which is going to be a pretty casual affair.  As the appointed “funny one” in the family, I’m taking this pretty seriously.  I planned a – in my humble opinion – hilarious presentation that includes one tiny jab at the bride and a slew of jokes at my brother’s expense, including the phrase “dry humping” and the f-bomb. Continue reading “Wedding Speech Dilemma: To Roast or to Toast?”