About the Blog


One of the complicated parts about being involved with a wedding is not being able to speak up when things are going crazy.  Your friend turns into a bridezilla, and you have to remain calm and sweet.  Your future mother-in-law designs a tacky flower arrangement, and you have to lie and say it looks great! We’ve all been there!

After years of going to weddings and always having insane stories to tell – but never being able to talk about them directly – we started sharing them anonymously online.

From there, we set up this website – weddingconfessionals.com – where others can submit the wedding horror stories they aren’t supposed to talk about.  We publish these stories anonymously, so no one gets hurt.  And just for fun we comment on the stories to let everyone know that they’re not alone in dealing with wacky brides, crazy bachelorette weekends and emotional cater waiters.

Do you have a story to tell?  We would LOVE to hear all about it!  There are three easy ways to contact us!

  • Email us at: weddingconfessionals@gmail.com
  • Call us at 434-WED-CONF (That’s 434-933-2663)
  • Share by just typing below (No contact info required!)

We won’t reveal any names to protect the innocent…and annoyed.  Your secret’s safe with us!

2 thoughts on “About the Blog”

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