Episode 118: Copycat Brides & Ghosting Vendors (with Paul Caiola – Part 2)

Our chat with Paul Caiola continues with listeners’ submitted confessionals!

Topics include pets, communicating with vendors and the definition of moissanite.

We also randomly talk about baby birds, whispering in spas and background checks.

If you like animals or affordable gemstones, this episode is for you!

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A helpful article about coping with the loss of a pet.

More info about moissanite rings from


Cucumber Vodka Soda: A refreshing spa-like cocktail created by How Sweet Eats.

Dickinson: An absurd historical comedy streaming on Apple TV+.

Somebody Somewhere: A quiet and sweet comedy starring Bridget Everett, streaming on HBO Max.

Wordle: The fun daily word puzzle, now run by the New York Times.

You can find more Wordle spin off games in this USA Today article.


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