Episode 104: 2020 Changes & PowerPoint Presentations (with Laura Salvati – Part 1)

Pam and Brooke chat with Laura Salvati, who shares what it was like to get engaged and married in 2020. She walks the gals through planning everything very early in the year, and then being forced to adapt as the world and her wedding changed drastically.  

From a super scaled down invite list, to a social distant, masked ceremony, Laura shares the ups and downs of being able to keep her wedding date intact while updating most of the other details to keep everyone attending safe. 

Laura also shares some hilarious wedding stories, like an unexpected wardrobe malfunction with her own bridal gown, and the time she was a bridesmaids for someone she barely knew. 

If you like stressful guest list management or being in a bridal party with strangers, this episode is for you!

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Here are the wedding vendor’s Laura recommends: 

Photographer: Monica Linda Photography 

Makeup: Vanessa Colorado 

Hair: Corey Chambers 

Dress: Designed by Alex Perry, purchased at Loho Bride 

Dress Consultant: Kennedy Bingham from Gown Eyed Girl 

Flowers: Alison Franchi from La Petite Gardenia 

Venue: Moorten Botanical Gardens 

Restaurant/Reception Site: Mr Lyons Steakhouse


Here’s a YouTube clip of DJ Tanner getting married to a Greek boy on Full House.  

Happn is still an active dating account! 


Purple People Eater: A Halloween themed cocktail from Homemade Hooplah 

Winter House: A new reality show about friends partying in a ski lodge in Vermont, airing on Bravo and on the Bravo app. 


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