Episode 102: Rogue Cousins & Delayed Honeymoons (with Amanda Walker – Part 2)

Pam and Brooke’s night with wedding planner Amanda Walker continues! 

They dive into confessionals about a family photo shoot gone wrong, a pushy dad trying to bulldoze his way down the aisle, and a honeymoon gift that may not exist anymore.

If you like confusing vacation planning or overwhelming fathers, this episode is for you!

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You can learn more about Amanda’s wedding and event planning at the Salt & Sparrow website.

Follow Salt & Sparrow on Instagram: @salt_and_sparrow

And follow Amanda’s lifestyle brand: @rootedfarmandgardens


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Have a bonkers wedding planning story to share? Need some wedding related advice from a bunch of know-it-alls?  There are three easy ways to contact us!

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