Episode 100: Twitter Jokes & Corgi Updates

Pam and Brooke continue to go through their backlog of confessionals, including a bride who’s trying to figure out who will walk her down the aisle and an update from another bride trying to sneak her corgi puppy into her wedding.

They also discuss a fun couple who only wore their wedding gown and suit for their entire honeymoon!

If you like carry-on only luggage or party crashing puppies, this episode is for you!

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ere’s the TMZ article we read about the couple who kept on their wedding attire for their entire honeymoon.


Any Berry Shrub: Basic shrub instructions from Bon Appétit Magazine (Suggested by Brooke)

Strawberry Shrub Cocktail: Yummy gin drink from A Beautiful Plate (Suggested by Brooke)

The White Lotus: Dark comedy streaming on HBO Max (Suggested by Pam)

Stupid Video Tristan And Pam Thought Was Funny: Here’s the video that cracked up Tristan and Pam (Suggested by Tristan and Pam)

Have a bonkers wedding planning story to share? Need some wedding related advice from a bunch of know-it-alls?  There are three easy ways to contact us!

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