Episode 54: Moissanite & Marble Cakes


It’s a solo episode! Brooke and Pam keep finding all these great wedding related posts online, so they dedicated an entire episode to chatting about their top three articles!

They discuss Pinterest trends (including wedding capes!), then somehow turn a Buzzfeed quiz into a competition, and finish with an inspiring (AND CRAZY!) bride’s story.

Also, the gals learn how to properly pronounce the word “moissanite”…and find out what the hell moissanite is.

Ways To Listen:
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Show Notes:
Article #1: These Are The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2018, According To Pinterest

Article #2: Plan A Wedding And We Will Send You The Bill

Article #3: Nebraska Bride Temporarily Blinded by Bouquet of Poisonous Flowers Gets Dream Wedding Do-Over

In case you need to learn how to pronounce moissanite, here’s the YouTube tutorial.

Bridal Break:
Snake Bite: Half lager, half cider, all yummy! (Suggested by Pam)

Breaking Beauty: A podcast about bestselling beauty products and the stories behind them (Suggested by Brooke)

Boy Brow: Glossier’s fantastic eyebrow makeup (Suggested by Brooke)

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