Episode 51: Don’t Listen To Martha (with Courtney LaBree – Part 2)


Our hilarious night with Courtney LaBree continues! This time the gals tackle some listeners’ confessionals. We chat about how to get out of being a bridesmaid, if it’s okay to laugh if someone falls at a wedding, and how to handle an overzealous photographer…who’s also a future in-law.

Ways To Listen:
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Show Notes:
Watch Storage Wars on A&E!

Bridal Break:
Andrew Murray Vineyards
: Southern California winery that is laid back and makes tasty wines! (Suggested by Pam)

One Day At A Time: Netflix’s reboot of the classic sitcom. (Suggested by Brooke)

Huntington Botanical Gardens: An amazing collection of flowers, trees, cacti and plants from all over the world! (Suggested by Courtney)

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