Episode 48: Handcrafted, Homemade & Heartfelt (with Julia Holmberg)


After becoming obsessed with the Instagram account @juliamakesadress, Brooke and Pam tracked down Julia Holmberg, the girl behind the dress-making photo journal! Julia joins the gals on the show and tells them all about her super romantic proposals (plural!) and how she got the crazy idea for making her own wedding dress…while teaching herself how to sew! If you like crafting (like Pam) or are just in awe of anyone who can sew a button (like Brooke), you’ll love this episode!

We also check in on some listeners’ confessionals, including stories about bridesmaids on a tight budget, a bride fed up with too many other events showing up near her wedding date, and wedding guest with a helpful PSA about wedding day footwear!

Ways To Listen:
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Guest Info:
Follow Julia’s dress making journey on Instagram: @juliamakesadress 

Bridal Break:
Artiste Winery: Great wine that includes beautiful artwork on their bottle labels! (Suggested by Pam)

Go With It: Currently Brooke’s JAM! It’s a great song about going with the flow – a mantra that anyone planning a wedding NEEDS! It’s by Oliver and features one of Brooke’s favorite bands, Chromeo! Check it out on Spotify or Soundcloud! (Suggested by Brooke)

Flight School!: Julia is learning to fly planes and swears it’s the BEST stress reliever in the world! (Suggested by Julia)

Epsom Salts: Cheap and soothing way to add some luxury to your bath! (Suggested by Julia)


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