Podcast Episode 37: Proposals & Panic Attacks (with Myk Watford – Part 2)


In Part 2 of our night with Myk Watford – actor, musician, and husband to Episode 4 guest, Regan – we dive into confessionals from listeners.  The three cringe at a story about a creepy uncle, try to support a bride’s unconventional proposal story, and help a groom stay sane while his bride goes crazy!

Ways To Listen:
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Guest Info:
Myk’s band Stumpwaller, can be found at:
Reverb Nation

Stumpwaller’s Christmas Show is going to be on Dec 23rd at The Federal in North Hollywood!

You can follow Myk Watford at:

Bridal Break:
Fixer Upper: The (alleged) final season of HGTV’s hit show has started! (And Brooke was wrong – old episodes are no longer on Netflix. Boo!) (Brooke)

Shot In The Dark: Jeffrey R. Daniels – guest from Episode 26 & Pam’s husband – directed Netflix’s newest series about Los Angeles news stringers. (Pam)

Egg Nog Martini: Holiday drink by Nutmeg Nanny (Pam)

Dork of the Rings: Lord of the Rings movie marathon (Myk)

Hands on a Hardbody: Documentary about a contest to win a truck

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