Podcast Episode 35: Flowers, Favors & Fondant (with Tristan)


Brooke’s husband Tristan is back! This time he joins the gals to tackle hard hitting questions about Pepsi, the Beatles and how to pronounce the word fondant. Then they all take a Buzzfeed quiz because when are Brooke and Pam NOT taking Buzzfeed quizzes?!

Ways To Listen:
Grab either a Pepsi or Coke and head on over to your favorite podcast provider to hear more! All of our episodes are available on  iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Stitcher Radio, Player FM and more!

Show Notes:
The Buzzfeed quiz we took is Plan A Picture Perfect Wedding And We’ll Tell You Which Fictional Bride You’re Most Like.

Brooke’s armadillo groom’s cake was made by The Bankery in Skowhegan, Maine.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a picture of Brooke’s armadillo cake.

And if you’ve never seen Steel Magnolias, here is the armadillo cake scene from the movie!

If you want to try the Dirty Girl Scout Martini that made Brooke barf (because she foolishly had 5 of them, not because the drink is bad!), head on over to Camp in Brooklyn.

Looking for a fun, woodsy bar experience in LA? Then The Bigfoot Lodge is your place!

Guest Info:
Want to hear Tristan talk endlessly about NFL football? Then check out his podcast, Worst To First. They’re also on Twitter: @worsttofirstpod

Bridal Breaks:
Shipyard Pumpkinhead: Fall beer perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving and fire pits! (Tristan)

Roséwave Spotify Playlist: Perfect selection of songs for dinner parties or chilling at home. (Brooke)

Warm Caramel Apple Cider Martini: Sweet, autumnal cocktail from Creative Culinary! (Pam)

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