Podcast Episode 20: Top 20 Songs To Ban From Your Wedding Reception


What are the songs most likely to be banned from a wedding reception?  The statistical junkies over at Five Thirty Eight surveyed a bunch of wedding DJs to find out.  And the restuls have Brooke & Pam asking a lot of questions!  

Ways To Listen:
Scoot on over to your favorite podcast provider and hear all our hot takes about these terrible songs! All of our episodes are available on  iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Stitcher Radio & Player FM!

Show Notes:
– Want to see all 50 songs?  Check out Five Thirty Eight’s article, The Ultimate Playlist Of Banned Wedding Songs.

– Need some help building your list of songs to pass on to your DJ? Five Thirty Eight also put out a list of The Ultimate Wedding Playlist.

Bridal Breaks:
Canella Bellini – Premixed brunch beverage (Pam)
Baby-Sitters Club Club – Hilarious podcast about the Baby-Sitters Club book series from the 80s (Brooke)

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