Podcast Episode 3: Used Tuxedos & Napping at Disneyland (with Adam Rose)


On the latest episode of the Wedding Confessionals Podcast, Adam Rose joins us to talk all the details of his super romantic wedding proposal. He also dishes about what it’s like to be a wedding cater waiter for the super rich of New York City.

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Podcast Episode 2: Ma’am, This Is Not Your Wedding (with Lauren Elliott)

Who’s ready for Episode 2 of our brand new podcast?!! Special Guest Lauren Elliott joins Pam & Brooke to dish about going to weddings with people you kinda hate and how to deal with an ill fitting bridesmaid dress. She also gives us a life changing beauty tip that involves red wine.  (Say what?!!!) Continue reading “Podcast Episode 2: Ma’am, This Is Not Your Wedding (with Lauren Elliott)”


Wedding Confessionals Podcast: Ep 1


Episode 1 of our podcast is here!  Special Guest Kristin Lapari joins Pam & Brooke to chat about non-Saturday weddings and how to wrangle well meaning dude bros.
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Coming Soon!

Though it looks like the Wedding Confessionals crew has been MIA and slacking off for the last few months, we’ve actually been hard at work.  And we are so happy to announce that we are days away from launching the Wedding Confessionals Podcast!


If you want a sneak peak at what we are working on, check out our preview episode on iTunes, Google Play and Podbean.

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