Should You See Your Bride or Groom Before the Wedding?

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Survey!  Every Wednesday the Wedding Confessionals Crew tackles one wedding related hot topic and reveal all of our different takes on the subject.  Get ready, y’all.  This group’s got some STRONG OPINIONS!

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Should you see your bride/groom the day of the wedding before the ceremony?  Is it good to keep traditions, or is it too old fashion and not practical these days?

Erika: I think not seeing each other the day-of is a sweet, romantic tradition and, lets face it, it’s also probably a good idea to avoid the other most stressed out person in the building on the day of the ceremony.

Brooke: I’m FASCINATED by anyone who can pull this off.  There’s so much coordination, communication and chaos on the day of a wedding, that you pretty much NEED to be linked to your bride/groom-to-be hours before the ceremony.  I think that this tradition only works if one of two things is going on.  A) One of the people involved is totally checked out and not involved in the actual planning of the day, like a very old school straight dude who can’t be bothered with “all this girly stuff.”  (BTW, I kinda hate that dude.)  Or B) The couple REALLY wants this tradition to stay alive, and are on their phones the whole day in order to stay in sync with each other.  In the end, I think it’s kinda romantic and sweet for those who try to do this, but I also think couples don’t need to force this to happen if they don’t want.

Paul:  I believe that everyone should destroy as many of the traditions as possible.  I, for example, forewent a bride.  See your bride/groom the morning of the big day.  What’s the big deal?

Lauren: I can be somewhat superstitious at times.  I will freak out if I am walking with someone and we split a pole.  Or if someone puts their purse on the floor, I dive to save it as though I’m running for home base!  As I have gotten older though it has seemingly began to fade…although I still can’t put my purse on the floor.  Whenever someone decides they’re ready to link their ball and chains with mine, I think I may start a new tradition.  IDK what that is yet. But I think it is solely up to the bride and groom how they choose their nuptials to take place.  After all its THEIR wedding!

Jen: My husband and I saw each other before our ceremony. Here’s why that was awesome:
1. It was private. There are a lot of eyes on you when you walk down the aisle. For some people, that feels fantastic, for others that is panic inducing…you and your fiance might not be the same kind of person in this regard…take the pressure off.
2. When I actually walked down that aisle, it was still special. You guys, this is your wedding day! It’s ALL going to be special! Promise.
3. We were super present for the ceremony. We already had that OMG moment, so we could shake off the nerves and really listen to each other. And could really look at each other and the people around us.

4. We took all of our pictures before the ceremony. We got it all out of the way so we could enjoy cocktail hour with our guests. PLUS. I cried during the ceremony. I was so thankful that the majority of our pictures we taken before the swollen sob fest.

Pam: I love this tradition, and while not necessarily practical in many of today’s weddings for it to be done at the very moment the bride walks down the aisle, but I love that couples are finding time, pre-ceremony, for that special moment where you see each other for the first time and for a brief moment all the chaos goes away and you remember why you’re there in the first place.


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