Should You See Your Bride or Groom Before the Wedding?

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Should you see your bride/groom the day of the wedding before the ceremony?  Is it good to keep traditions, or is it too old fashion and not practical these days?

Erika: I think not seeing each other the day-of is a sweet, romantic tradition and, lets face it, it’s also probably a good idea to avoid the other most stressed out person in the building on the day of the ceremony.

Brooke: I’m FASCINATED by anyone who can pull this off.  There’s so much coordination, communication and chaos on the day of a wedding, that you pretty much NEED to be linked to your bride/groom-to-be hours before the ceremony.  I think that this tradition only works if one of two things is going on.  A) One of the people involved is totally checked out and not involved in the actual planning of the day, like a very old school straight dude who can’t be bothered with “all this girly stuff.”  (BTW, I kinda hate that dude.)  Or B) The couple REALLY wants this tradition to stay alive, and are on their phones the whole day in order to stay in sync with each other.  In the end, I think it’s kinda romantic and sweet for those who try to do this, but I also think couples don’t need to force this to happen if they don’t want.

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