Should You Hook Up at a Wedding?

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Survey!  Every Wednesday the Wedding Confessionals Crew tackles one wedding related hot topic and reveal all of our different takes on the subject.  Get ready, y’all.  This group’s got some STRONG OPINIONS!

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Weddings are a time to celebrate love.  But are they a time to celebrate lust?  There’s no denying this math:


But is it a good idea to hook up at a wedding?  Or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

Jen: When it comes to wedding hook ups, my answer is: Oh, hell yes! Hearing about all of this stuff is one of my favorite things at a wedding. Including my own! The break ups, the make outs, the “which groomsman will it be?” I love a good story, and wedding hook up stories are the BEST. Whether you can say that “they met at MY wedding!” or it’s just a “meh, why not?” it’s all part of the fun. If it’s your wedding, that means you’ve found your Mr. or Mrs. Right, so let your guests find their Right Now. 

Paul: Wedding hook-ups are a GO!  You will delight the bride(s) and groom(s)!  We found out some friends of ours were in an open relationship because of a dance floor make-out session…everybody wins!

Lauren: We go to bars all the time, and sometimes one night stands follow.  Weddings are an even better environment, since there may be a better selection of options in choosing your happily ever after for the evening.   You will be sober before going in, you can get the inside scoop on who they are and then you get to hang out at the open bar!  On the other hand you might want to consider the aftermath. You may go to another wedding and see the same person or another you may want to get down with. Dont want to be known as the wedding ludder!  So choose wisely!

Pam: I’m all for wedding hook ups!!  Though I can’t confirm or deny I haven’t been there, done that!

Brooke: Weddings are a time when everyone is dressed up, the drinks are flowing and love is in the air.  Who doesn’t want to hook up with someone in that environment?!  But don’t just pounce on someone at any point during the ceremony.  Instead try this: make eyes during the ceremony, flirt through the cocktail hour, dance up on each other during the reception and hold off on officially making out until after they’ve cut the cake.  You’ll cause less of a scandal for the prudish folks, and still get a piece of that cake…and DAT ASS! <High five!>

Erika: Weddings are perfect for hook ups! Think about it: all the guests are vetted in some way (someone you know will know/ like/ tolerate this person) so it’s unlikely they’ll murder you, you’re both looking your best, there’s romance in the air and free booze in your cups, there’s usually proximity to a hotel. The list goes on. Wedding hookups are simultaneously a terrible idea and a wonderful idea – and isn’t that what life is about, making super fun mistakes? Now Go Forth And Smash That Groomsman!


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