Kids at Weddings: Cute or Catastrophe?

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Survey!  Every Wednesday the Wedding Confessionals Crew tackles one wedding related hot topic and reveal all of our different takes on the subject.  Get ready, y’all.  This group’s got some STRONG OPINIONS!

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Should you invite children to a wedding?  Is it cute to have the little guys and gals dressed up in tiny grown up outfits?  Or is having kids at a wedding and reception a disaster waiting to happen?

Paul: Ugh, kids at weddings.  Look, if you’re going to invite them, you have to take them as they are.  Kids are going to be up past their bedtime, full of sugar and being looked after by tipsy parents.  Them acting like lunatics is not a possibility, it is a guarantee.  So make your peace with it.

Or just don’t invite them.  That’s what we did, and my brother and sister – who both have kids – were honestly thrilled with the decision and loved having the night off from being parents.

Lauren: It’s cool to invite kids, but I would never expect a child to act civilized in any environment! Their free spirit and curiosity rule their worlds! What I do expect is the parents to keep a close eye on their babies! Anything could happen! Aliens could invade, or they could break something (in which they might get kicked out)! Parents need to be prepared. Its a celebration so I understand letting loose, but parents need to not lose their grip!

Brooke: Inviting kids is such a personal decision. But if there’re going to be kids at your big day, you have to accept that they’re going to act their age. Toddlers can’t morph into miniature adults just because you shove them into tuxedos. If the kiddos are going to be there, give them a quiet activity to do during the ceremony, and then at the reception give them the space to get weird – like a corner of the dance floor, an extra room in a reception hall, or a patch of grass outside.  

And if you don’t want kids at your wedding or reception, that doesn’t make you a heartless monster. Every wedding has a different vibe, and some don’t really mesh well with the little ones.  Just make sure the parents know they’re not invited. Nothing wrong with a grown ups only party!

Pam: I personally wanted adults only at my evening wedding. But now, I have 2 kids who love weddings! They can sit still through a ceremony and rock the dance floor! I’m all for a night out without them in tow, but if you’re a couple who are ok with kids being there, then I say let them eat cake and dance the night away, because there is no stopping kids from being crazy at weddings!

Jen: As a mom, people might be surprised by my strong opinion about kids at weddings. I believe that unless the children are yours or ones you are very close to (like your niece or nephew), you don’t invite them. Guaranteed that kids themselves would prefer pizza and movies at home than tights and tuxes with the chicken option at a wedding. I am certain people will disagree but here’s the secret…parents will want a night out too! If you absolutely want kids at your wedding, have a few things for them (coloring book area, a kid’s menu, etc.) so they feel like a special guest too.

Erika: Aww, I love kids at a wedding. When they’re little, they look so cute on the dance floor, and when they’re teens it’s fun to watch them figure out how to sneak alcohol into their drinks. (Shout out to the DGAF bartender at my uncle David’s wedding!) 


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