Is it Cool to Ask for Cold Hard CA$H?

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Survey!  Every Wednesday the Wedding Confessionals Crew tackles one wedding related hot topic and reveal all of our different takes on the subject.   Get ready, y’all.  This group’s got some STRONG OPINIONS!


Weddings can be expensive.  And though it’s expected that we get some sort of fancy china or kitchen appliance as a wedding gift, sometimes all the happy couple wants is CA$H MONEY!  

Is it ok to specify in your wedding invitation that you prefer money instead of gifts?

Brooke: I don’t find it tacky at all to state that the couple would like cash instead of gifts.  How else will people know your preferences unless you tell them?  But be aware that inevitably SOMEONE will find it crass.  But screw em, you gotta pay the DJ somehow!  

Also!  Even though you can state you want dolla dolla bills y’all in your invite, you should still register somewhere because there are going to be guests who refuse to give you money.  Having a wish list at a store – even just Target – will help you from getting some weird crystal duck figurine.

Erika: It’s not tacky, it’s practical. You should be allowed to ask for whatever gifts you want without some shady relative giving you sass. If the folks getting married ask that everyone write them a haiku in lieu of gifts – do your best and don’t complain. If they want cash instead of more stuff they likely won’t need or use, give it to them and be grateful you didn’t have to shop or write a haiku!


Personally, I think it’s tacky to put it in the invite. I’m not saying if people ask you can’t specify you want cash. Several of the guests at my wedding knew we wanted Home Depot gift cards because we put the word out, but to put it in writing in the invite is tacky. Guests are giving a gift, not a donation admission to your wedding.

 Looking back I wish I had pushed for more cash gifts then the insane amount of stuff I registered for. I would say that times are changing and it’s totally cool to actually ask for exactly what you want. However. My advice is to put a website on the invite for things like a registry. On the wedding website you can be frank. Only have two options for a registry, one with a few actual gifts so people don’t just buy you random crap and also something like a honeymoon fund or a house fund. There are plenty of websites that offer them. Then ask your family and wedding party to spread the word that you prefer cash.

Lauren: These days anything goes!  What would be the difference in asking for the money that they would spend on a gift from your registry?  The only thing is I feel like it may make some peeps cheap, as they will be wondering how much you’re receiving from everyone else!  If you feel like you can’t ask for money just create a registry, get your gifts, and then return those babies for cash!

Paul: True story, we put this Happy Endings gif on our wedding website under the “Gifts” category: 


So obviously I am okay with telling people you want cash.


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