Taylor Swift: Professional Wedding Crasher


She’s at it again!  Taylor Swift has shown up to another wedding!  This time she’s playing the role of wedding band singer.

You’re probably wondering HOW this couple pulled this off.  Here’s the scoop:

The groom, Max Singer, has been a long time Taylor Swift fan.  Earlier this year, before his mother passed away, the family had a small wedding ceremony in the hospital so Max’s mom could be part of the big day.  They even danced to “Blank Space” for their mother-son dance.

After that ceremony, Max’s sister, Ali, wrote to Swift about his brother love for her music and how important “Black Space’ was to him.  And after months of planning, Ali was able to give the ultimate wedding gift to her brother – a performance by his favorite pop star.

Taylor showed up to Max’s more formal wedding, and sang “Blank Space” at the reception. Naturally, it was a HUGE hit with the crowd, and made for a memorable moment that the couple and their guests will never forget.

She even gave the couple this cool card as a wedding gift.  What can we say?  Taylor loves weddings.  And we love that Taylor loves weddings!


Bitch Session: Is Taylor the Queen of Summer Weddings 2016?

Jen: Taylor just keeps showing up at weddings this summer!  Do you feel like she thinks, If I surround myself in pure love, my mate will follow? Or does girlfriend just like a fun party?

Brooke: Maybe both?

Jen: She is a complex woman.

Brooke: Plus, she’s always dancing at award shows, so I bet she likes to hit up a reception dance floor.

Jen: How epic would a Taylor Swift wedding dance off be?!!

Brooke:  Well, until you put a Katy Perry song on.  #drama

Jen: But for real, the story about this groom and his mom dancing in the hospital.  I totally cried reading it.

Brooke: Seriously! I was a mess too!  First I was crying about the hospital scene, then I’m bawling thinking about the loss of the groom’s mom and how it was putting a little cloud over their big day, and then this celebrity cameo pops up so I’m crying out of happiness

Jen: Weddings bring out a lot of feelings!

Brooke: This story took me on an emotional journey.  But…

Jen: BUT?!!

Brooke: I know it was their special song, but “Blank Space” is a weird song to sing at a wedding.

Jen: Hahahahaa!  That’s so true!  Catchy as hell, but not really about life long love.

Brooke: If you could have a famous singer or band show up at your wedding, would you want that or would you be annoyed that you were out shined on your big day?

Jen: Um, I want the epic party!

Brooke: Me too!  In this dream scenario who would play your wedding? Dead or alive.

Jen: I’m initially going Tori Amos because she is a goddess. She helped me through many break ups, but she’s not very weddingy.  So instead, I’m thinking Motown like The Temptations or The Four Tops.

Brooke:  I also have a personal and crowd pleaser option.  For just me, I want to have Robyn, but 90% the room would be like, Who’s this tiny Swedish raver and why is she making Brooke cry?

Jen: Why is she telling everyone to call their girlfriends to break up and dance on their own!  This isn’t very reception appropriate.

Brooke:  Exactly!  So for the crowd, I’m bringing the Bee Gees.  I love disco, they have fast and slow songs and the old folks won’t be like, WHO’S MAKING ALL THAT NOISE? WHAT IS A SKRILLEX?

Jen: At least Taylor isn’t going to scare off the grandparents.   I hope she keeps going to weddings for the rest of the summer – just pops up uninvited to any reception hall or church on a Saturday afternoon.

Brooke: It’s not that crazy. She probably misses touring.

Jen: Taylor’s all, Let’s get the band back together!

Brooke: She brings her whole model #squad, and all the bridesmaids are pissed because there goes their shots with the groomsmen.

Jen: Warning to the brides: Taylor’s totally going to get you something that you didn’t register for.  It’s going to be something handmade.  Or a cat.

Brooke: Taylor, we didn’t register for a cat!

Jen: “Cat” is nowhere on the honeyfund website.

Brooke: Just a piece of advice for anyone planning a wedding for this summer: Send Taylor Swift an invitation to your wedding.  She’s probably gonna show up anyway, so you might as well know if she wants the chicken or the beef.


Have a wedding story you want to tell? There are three easy ways to contact us. And don’t worry, we’ll change the names and places to protect the innocent…and annoyed.
Your secret’s safe with us!


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