Should The DJ Play Your Song?

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Survey!  Every Wednesday the Wedding Confessionals Crew tackles one wedding related hot topic and get all of our different takes on the subject.   Get ready, y’all.  The group’s got some STRONG OPINIONS!Song-request-tapeAre you, as an invited guest, allowed to tell the DJ what to play?  You’ve been to tons of weddings, but does that make you an expert on what to play on the dance floor?  Is there a limit to the amount of songs you can request?

Pam: Unless a music change has been pre-approved by the bride or groom, you don’t mess with wedding music. No matter how awful it is…you sit through it, then afterward come tell us all about it and we can feel your pain with you!

Lauren: Listen…if you wanted to scratch and sample you should change your profession!  I get it, maybe you wanted to remind your loved one of some of your favorite times spent together and it might be that song you could play on repeat all day long, but this is not about you!  You get a limit of about 2, now if you request 3 you’re pushing it!

Jen: There is absolutely a limit. Your friend hired this person for a reason. Maybe your friend likes shit music. Or doesn’t want a dance party (the horror!). Either way, let them speak up, not you. Unless it’s you and your significant other’s slow song, or it’s “Crazy in Love” (because what damn fool doesn’t need this song in their life), skip it. Go have another cocktail.

Brooke: I love dancing at wedding receptions, but it’s never occurred to me to do this.  I guess you could ask for one song, but don’t be a dick if the DJ rejects your request.  You may have horrible taste in music.  Maybe a wedding reception isn’t the place to learn that about yourself.  I change my mind – don’t request a song.  We don’t need you having some existential crisis on the dance floor.

Erika: I think it’s okay to request one (1) song ONLY if you happen to know that it will delight the bride or groom and the DJ may not be aware of it because it’s old or a little obscure. Otherwise let them do their damn job! You wouldn’t go into the kitchen and tell the staff how to make the chicken, would you? Don’t get your panties in a bunch if the DJ hasn’t played Single Ladies in the first hour of the reception, the DJ will get to Single Ladies. Trust.

Paul: Nope.  Unless express permission is given by the bride or groom, you do not have any say in the music of the evening and you should keep your opinions to yourself.  This is coming from someone who had his first wedded fight with his husband about three hours into being married over the playlist (that we compiled together and agreed upon).  For the record, I was right.


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