Bride Writes To Guest: Your Gift Wasn’t Good Enough



Imagine….going to the wedding a of an ex-colleague, giving them a wedding gift and then instead of a thank you card you’re told the gift amount wasn’t enough! Did we hear this right??

Allegedly, somewhere in the UK, a new couple felt comfortable enough to let their guest know that the amount of the gift wasn’t enough and had the nerve to ASK FOR MORE!

We know the Brits can be a bit cheekier than Americans, but check out this story for yourself and then let us know what your thoughts are or how you might respond to if this ever happened to you!

Bitch Session: Is this bride out of control?  Or should more people speak up about bad gifts?

Brooke: First off, we both think this letter is the worst, right? I mean, I think it’s just nuts!

Jen: Agreed!

Brooke: Did you ever get any shitty gifts for your wedding?

Jen: Lukily no, I did not. You?

Brooke: One gift does stick out. There was a groomsmen who never gave us a gift. I originally wrote it off as a single dude who just didn’t understand etiquette and stuff, but then almost 2 years later, out of the blue, we get a card and gift card in the mail and guess what came a week after that gift card?

Jen: An apology?

Brooke: An invitation to his wedding.

Jen: Whaaat?!  Haha!  That’s messed up.

Brooke: Right?!

Jen: But I have to admit, I gave a shitty gift once…maybe twice. See, I’m from the South and everyone gets married right out of college.

Brooke: Totally. I’m Southern too, ya’ll!

Jen: I was like 21 or 22, and I had known this girl for YEARS!!! I mean, she was one of my best friends in high school. I’ll admit, I was dim, but me and about 5 other girls went in and bought her all of her spatulas. I maybe spent maybe $10. Hopefully, my mom gave a great gift…

Brooke: Your mom totally would. She’s a classy gal!  Unlike 21 year old you, Jen!

Jen: True!  But about this letter writer – I have theories…#1: The writer mentioned that they are ex-colleagues. So, either the writer got her inheritance and left the job…and the bride saw her as one big pile of money that she HAD to have at her wedding hoping she’d come through with the Benjamin’s…or I guess in this case, Sterling.

Brooke: Nice. I like that theory. It’s horrible, but possible.

Jen: Theory 2: They are ex-coworkers because the bride lost her job because she sucks at all things life and needed the money and invited this chick with said money. Either way this Bridey doesn’t look so good…

Brooke: No! How often has this tactic of shaming someone actually worked?

Jen: It does beg the question, is this a Brit thing?

Brooke: Oh I doubt it! The fact that everyone on the British website was appalled leads me to think not. The lesson to learn here is to budget for the big day! And don’t ever send an email like that to anyone…ever.

Jen: Nothing will make you sleep better at night than being able to afford your wedding!

Brooke: Unless you want to be Internet famous and end up on our website!

Jen: Well, we all have goals!


Have a wedding story you want to tell? There are three easy ways to contact us. And don’t worry, we’ll change the names and places to protect the innocent…and annoyed.
Your secret’s safe with us!


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