Should You Text During A Wedding?

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Survey!  Every Wednesday the Wedding Confessionals Crew tackles one wedding related hot topic and reveal all of our different takes on the subject.   Get ready, y’all.  This group’s got some STRONG OPINIONS!


We are all so attached to our phones that we may as well consider them part of our body.  But is texting during a wedding a major no-no or forgivable?  What about sexting? 😉

Erika: Nope! Be cool man, this is your friend/cousin/sister’s damn wedding. Put the phone down for 20 minutes and try to actually experience something.  As for sexting… man, your grandmother is sitting right over there!

Pam: Really, you can’t stop texting for an hour or less? Unless it’s an emergency text, you’re an a-hole!  

Who is sexting during a wedding? Again, if you can’t hit pause for an hour then you shouldn’t be at the wedding.

Brooke: I get why you’d want to text.  Most wedding ceremonies are kinda boring.  We’re all just staring at the couple while dreaming about getting our first beverage at the cocktail hour.  But be a grown up and put the phone away, and focus on what’s important…scanning the bridal party to see who might be game for a post-reception hook up.  As for sexting – don’t be tacky.  No one wants to see your bits in that moment.  Save that for the post-reception hook up.

Jen: This one is actually tough! My gut reaction is absolutely NOT. But all weddings have hastags now. Hello! #trending. But I say no, put that thing away, especially if it’s in a place of worship. Unless you want to periscope the people that couldn’t make it. Then you are a true (millennial) friend!

Lauren: Come on folks lets be real…any event wear you have to sit and hear someone who loves to hear themselves talk go on and on reciting lines where drama or comedy does not ensue can be boring.  The bride is so wrapped up in the ceremony she is not paying attention to the 19th pew where your sitting in between two gossiping hags talking about how they shouldn’t wed in the first place.  Now if your sitting in the front thats a different story…uh hello I can see you!  I dare you to pull out any of your appendages in a public place, let alone in the house of a divine entity and think it won’t get back to the bride.  I’d rather get sprayed with pepper spray then poked in the eye then to feel the aftermath wrath of an embarrassed bride.

Paul: I find texting during a wedding far less irritating than the constant race to try to take photos.  SOMEONE HAS BEEN HIRED TO DO THAT.  SIT DOWN.  Apologies, I digress.  I think you can text, provided you aren’t standing at the altar…if your ceremony isn’t entertaining enough to keep my attention, that’s not on me.  As far as sexting goes…look I admire your commitment, but it’s probably not appropriate.  That being said, if you’re gonna do it anyway please come sit by me and tell me all your stories.


Have a wedding story you want to tell? There are three easy ways to contact us. And don’t worry, we’ll change the names and places to protect the innocent…and annoyed.
Your secret’s safe with us!


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