We’re Going Hog Wild Over These Engagement Photos!

Pig 1
Kristin Hartness and Jay Yontz had some engagement photos taken by the very talented Brian Smyer.  Besides getting shots of the bride-to-be and her fiancé, someone else joined them for the photoshoot.

Pig 2
This is no ordinary pig, this is Ziggy, their pet.  Over five years ago, while living in St. Johns, Kristin bought what she thought was a teacup pot belly pig who would only get up to 25 pounds.  Clearly she was sold the wrong kind of pig, but rather than asking to speak to a manager for a refund, Kristin kept Ziggy, who grew to be 250 pounds!  That’s some pig!

Pig 3
Clearly this is a sweet couple who really care about animals.  Instead of having a pricey wedding, they are opting to use the money instead to build an animal sanctuary.

And in case you were wondering if Ziggy is living his best life, just head over to his super popular Instagram page, and see him cuddle with dogs, swim in a kiddie pool and run on the beach.

Bitch Session: Would you put a pet in your engagement or wedding photo?  Also, how cute is Ziggy?

Pam: I have to start by saying I love this couple and I love Ziggy! I’ve had dogs all my life, but now I really want a pig!!

Paul: I love Ziggy! And I love how much this couple loves Ziggy! I, however, can’t say I want a pig.  But those pictures are adorable

Pam: I had my beloved dog in my wedding as the ring bearer, but he wasn’t in the engagement pictures. What about you?

Paul: We didn’t have a pet at the time, and we didn’t even have engagement pictures…basically I’m all about shitting all over your hetero wedding traditions.

Pam: Rebel!

Paul: But my husband is currently obsessed with the stray cat we adopted after we got married. I’m pretty sure if the cat was around during the wedding planning, my husband would have ended up having the cat involved somehow.

Pam: And no doubt Ziggy’s going to be involved in their wedding.   I can’t wait to see what he wears!

Paul: Oh. My. God. Pig tuxedos. I can’t. That would be too cute.

Pam: Whatever he wears, there’s a good chance this bride is going to be upstaged by her pet pig! He’s already an Instagram star.

Paul: Seriously! He has over 8,000 followers! And his Instagram account name is ZiggyTheTravelingPiggy, which I have a a SLEW of questions about. For starters, HOW DOES A 250 POUND PIG FLY ANYWHERE?! Does he ride coach? Can he only have an aisle seat?

Pam: Excuse me, sir, you’re in my pig’s seat.

Paul: Right?! I’m annoyed when I have to sit next to a 250 lb HUMAN.   And how do they feed a pig while traveling? Can you buy slop anywhere? I’m fascinated and impressed by their commitment to their pig.

Pam: It’s amazing. But I get it – he’s so cute!

Paul: I know! I didn’t realize I could love a pig so much.

Pam: Right?! Though I don’t think I would you be willing to give up bacon for Ziggy. Would you?

Paul: Absolutely not. If Charlotte’s Web didn’t break me, nothing will.



Shout out to Kristin and Jay for having such fun with their pet and engagement photos!

Mazel tov!


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