We Can’t Shut Up About This Insane Harry Potter Themed Wedding


From Brooke: 

Brides, The Berry, Buzzfeed and a slew of other websites are all freaking out about the wedding for Manchester couple, Cassie and Lewis Byrom.  These two went ALL OUT to create the ultimate Harry Potter themed nuptials.

The event included a wand for everyone as they entered, a HP themed wedding cake, and a sorting hat to place each guest at their table.  And the couple’s outfits were covered in Potter references, like a golden snitch charm bracelet, a bridal bouquet made from pages of Harry Potter books and Marauder’s Map inspired cuff links for the groom.

There’s no denying that this ceremony was elaborate and memorable, but we at Wedding Confessionals have a few points to discuss regarding this magical event.

B*tch Session:  What do you think of this JK Rowling inspired nuptials?

Would you ever plan an elaborately themed wedding?
Pam: I’m a girl who LOVES a theme party! But having thrown several in my lifetime, NONE of them compare to this wedding! I’m in awe at the detail and wish I had the time and money to go that distance!

Lauren: I must say, the older I’m becoming the less and less I want a huge shebang!  Just throw some brown rice at me, toss the Gelson’s cake in the back seat and send me money in the mail chile.

Paul: I would just like to start by saying I am absolutely team “It’s your wedding and you should do exactly what you want on your day.”  Which is just what these two did and so I say more power to them.  But…I would absolutely, 1000% want no part of planning a wedding anything like this.  These two clearly did a great job thinking about every detail, so *golf claps* to them.  However, I also know that if I was planning it, all those details and the pressure of getting everything right would make me go bald and I like my hair too much to do that.

Jen: I have a three year old son, so “theme parties” are like, my thang. However, I might have ideas for days, but turning those ideas into elegant works of art that will immortalize a historic collection of literature? Yeahhhhh, Mama’s tired. Hey, my three year old can rip up a bunch of books too, but make them into a bridal bouquet? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Erika: I can’t even imagine loving another person as much as these people love Harry Potter. So probably not.

Would you like to go to this Harry Potter ceremony?
Lauren: I feel like this is the closest I’ll get the Harry Potter adventures in my adult years and I want to be a witness to greatness, so hell yeah!

Paul: Absolutely!  Again, these are clearly not amateurs on the themed-party circuit.  I go to your wedding and I get a wand?  I get sorted!?  A bouquet made out of books!?!?  I mean…even if Taylor Swift got interviewed by Vogue at their wedding, they would have made the reporter dress up like Rita Skeeter.  They clearly made sure that they had a great time at their wedding, and there is nothing that makes the party more fun than the bride and the groom having a blast.

Pam: I only read book #2 (no idea why) but would still love to be taken into this magical world for the evening! I might not get every detail as a super fan would, but I’d be game to be swept up, since they did it right. If it was done super cheesy though, it might be a different answer.

Erika: Hells yes!!! Getting invited to this wedding would finally get me to read those books. This wedding makes me want to be a better person.

Jen: Oh I’d totally flush myself down a toilet to attend this wedding. In fact, the only thing keeping me from this fete is FOGH (fear of getting Hufflepuff).

How do you feel about the bride’s footwear?


Paul: It’s called committing to the moment.  And it’s beautiful. 

Lauren: As an artist I am all for being true to the character so rock out girl!  I’m surprised she was so traditional with her dress!  Bummer!


Jen: These shoes are like the lovechild of Vivienne Westwood and some crazy cat lady with mad skillz (ahem…Professor Umbridge) who owns an Etsy shop (or two.) Pretty sure as the night wore on, that Slytherin heel hurt just a tiny bit more… Look, only a true fanatic plays tributes to BOTH of these houses. This bride clearly knows where her bread is buttered. 

Pam: Her shoes are awesome! My wedding shoes were red, so I’m all for stepping outside the box! But how she managed to wear them a full night, must’ve been magic…


No matter how you feel about the magical theme, individual wands or shoes, there’s no denying that the photos – from Kelly Clarke Photography – are gorgeous.

Mozel tov, Cassie & Lewis.  Can’t wait to see what your baby shower looks like.



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