Question: Is Taylor Swift a Shitty Maid of Honor?

From Brooke:

A few weeks back a girl named Britany Maak got married.  The ceremony took place in Reading, Pennsylvania, the bride wore a lace gown, and one more minor detail…her Maid Of Honor was TAYLOR SWIFT!


Taylor sang at the reception, posed for photos with the bridal party and was an overall delight for her pal’s big day.  But Taylor did one thing that some of us may find a little off putting.  She conducted an interview with Vogue Magazine in between the ceremony and the reception.


All of us at Wedding Confessionals have opinions about Taylor and the timing of her interview.  So rather than have only two of us chat about this topic, we’re making this one a free-for-all!  Let’s get to bitching!

Group Bitch Session: On a scale of 1 – 10, how much of a bitch is Taylor Swift for having an interview in the middle of her friend’s wedding?
(1 = kinda rude, 10 = megabitch)

Jen: Bitch scale: negative 10!  The only foul here is that Tay didn’t use her celebrity mumbo jumbo to get Anna Wintour herself to that wedding. If you’ve been “Taylor freakin’ Swift’s” best friend since infancy, you have already cast yourself in the shadow of a beacon.  Taylor Swift was your maid of honor. Vogue came to your wedding. You just became a legend.

Brit from Reading, PA: 1
Selena Gomez: 0

Lauren: Just when we thought Taylor could do no wrong!  Ooooo you selfish cat loving twig!  Sure, you paying for your best friends honey moon was a nice gesture, giving them the down payment for their first home and sending their first child to college is great, but the one day its not about you and you still manage to swindle it from your friend, yet your bestest?! Dayum she cold blooded. Did she pull a Kanye? “Bestie…I’m really happy for you, I’ ll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!” Flips hair, “You were saying?”She a mega bitch. I give her a 20!

Pam: Solid 8, in my book!! She was a friend before she was a superstar. I’m ok if she squeezed it in before or after the ceremonies, but once that begins, you just became a scene stealing bitch!

Erika: My initial reaction was a straight up 10, because no. You don’t do that on the day of your friend’s wedding unless you’re Marnie from Girls. But then I thought about the bride and what kind of person she’d have to be to make T-Swift her maid of honor. I know the bride has friends she’s closer with. There’s just NO way that you’re able to keep in close contact with your old buddy the international jet-setting celebrity on a regular basis. Which means she dumped one of her other (probably better) friends in order to have the ultimate wedding swag… a celeb maid of honor. “Oh, what’s that you say? You came down the aisle on a white horse and were preceded by a retinue of adorable multi-ethnic orphans gently tossing flower petals in your path? That’s so cute. I had TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT as my maid of honor and she sang that little ditty that literally the whole world loves RIGHT AT ME. Sure, it meant cutting my sister out of my wedding party but she’s just stupid pediatric surgeon. She’s not important the way the lyricist of “Teardrops On My Guitar” is!”

I’m giving both Taylor and the bride a 5 because I know some nasty back-biting shit went down behind the scenes at this wedding.

Brooke: This is the price you pay to be in the #squad.  Taylor will give you an amazing gift and probably sing a song at the reception, but she’s gonna bring some sort of celebrity nonsense.  It’s not the best look for Taylor, but I just give this a 3.

Paul: May I respond in gif-form?  If so:

I will happily drink a bottle of wine while listening to “Out Of the Woods” and bemoaning my misspent youth.  I don’t hate Taylor Swift.  Until now.

She should get taco punched for that.  You do your Vogue interview on your time, Taylor.  This is your friend’s time and you’re an asshole for making any part of her wedding day about you***.

Bitch Points: TEN

***Unless you scheduled it AFTER you found out she was forcing you to wear a peach bridesmaid’s gown.  Then she started it and you finished it.  You OG, girl.



Let’s end this post, focusing not to Taylor, but on Brit and her beautiful ceremony.  Congrats on your big day, being in the #squad and also having a killer wedding dress!


What did you think of Taylor’s interview during her pal’s wedding?  Would you give her a 1 or a 10 on the bitch scale?  Tell us in the comment section below!

And do you have a wedding story you want to tell? Email us at
And don’t worry, we’ll change the names and places to protect the innocent…and annoyed.
Your secret’s safe with us!


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